“When you realize how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky.”



My Journey



I am a mystic. As far back as I can remember I have had direct encounters with the Divine, effortlessly accessing spiritual energies that exist outside what most of us consciously perceive. These enduring experiences have influenced who I am and how I navigate the world.

Rich with beauty and flawless guidance, a mystic path is predictably solitary. The truly psychic and mystic souls I have encountered through the years know this well. I have always lived with a deep need to share what I see and experience and an intense fear of doing so. It is clumsy, if not impossible, to use words to describe that which exists outside our five senses.  Not only is information imparted with vacuous gaps, but it is also often received with skepticism and fear.

Fortunately, the dynamic is changing – and rapidly.  As our collective consciousness continues to rise, a heightened spiritual vibration is in play. I continue to see a new enlightenment pervading even the most resistant hearts and minds.


My journey has been a lifelong search for context and tribal camaraderie. I have traveled to many parts of the world and spent time in every corner of the United States. Along the way, I have met hundreds of individuals of every persuasion, and it has been my passion! In my unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I have availed myself of constant study and a search for authentic teachers and luminaries. I have found many.


For more than three decades I have practiced meditation and yoga, with a deep overall affinity Eastern Religions. In 1990, I discovered the world of energy medicine and Reiki through brilliant teachers Barbara Brennan and William Rand. I had an immediate aptitude for hands-on healing! It was exhilarating to know that I could directly share with others in energy frequency that which was impossible with words. While I have been an Usui Reiki Master since 2005, my work with divine energy healing has grown and expanded enormously! It continues to do so.


Several years ago I indulged my lifelong interest in Astrology and undertook intensive study. I sought talented astrologers, of many schools of Astrology, for readings and online classes. I read literally hundreds of books – my library is stellar – and I attended endless workshops and events. I still do. I am passionate about Spiritual Astrology and increasingly, Astronomy and Vibrational Astrology. (it’s all about energy ☺) For three years I have been a member of the Organization of Professional Astrologers, ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) and other astrology groups.


It is only in recent years that I have fully become comfortable to own and express who I authentically am. I am an energy channel. I am that mystic. In the human body that is mine this incarnation, I am a soul aware of living in many dimensions simultaneously. I am a being of light, love, and vision. I am you and part of who we all are together, equal glowing threads of magnificence in the all-encompassing vibrating fabric that is God – or call It what you will.

Most aptly put by the late great Dr. Wayne Dyer, 

I Am.


My Divine Mandate: to touch others soulfully and to lovingly and candidly convey even a small fraction of the beauty I see existing for us all.


Fellow Soul Traveler,

How Can I Serve You?

Join Me in Heart Celebration!


I created Heart Celebration to share and celebrate love in the multitude of ways it shows up in our lives. Even when we momentarily think that it is hidden away. Spiritually and energetically I tune-in to the soul essence of clients no matter what they are seeking when we come together. You will find those you are meant to find. I humbly do my best to synchronize movement with the highest Divine vibration that can be accessed. For couples getting married, or others experiencing death, I co-create conscious rituals and ceremonies to mark the meaningful transition. My intention is simply to accompany others in conscious soul growth and evolution, to learn from, coach, honor and delight in how we can share our unique soulful gifts. As above, so below, so within.

My Divine Calling is You.