Voices of Gratitude

What a joyful, intuitive and vibrant woman! I have spent time with Lisa in personal transformation studies at Kripalu Yoga Center in Massachusetts and in an extended stay at my ranch in Costa Rica. Lisa is profoundly insightful. She is in touch with her own deep spirituality and talented at bringing out the best in others. Lisa brings an authentic, calm presence to group settings and to anyone who spends time with her one on one.


Cia Ricco
Author “Living as if your Life Depended on It!”




Lisa has a true gift of being able to access the spirit of those who have crossed over. During one Reiki trade session, Lisa connected with my sister who had died recently. It was very comforting, brought me peace, and helped me to understand that she was ready to go back “home”. Her journey was done on this earthly dimension. She also helped me to realize how easy it is to reconnect with my sister and my heavenly family on my own. I am grateful!


Jan Atwood





We cannot recommend Lisa highly enough as a Celebrant! From the time we asked her to officiate our wedding, we were in good hands and completely guided. She wrote and delivered a beautiful ceremony for us, making it very personal and including the participation of loved ones. Lisa just naturally exudes joy and love. We are completely grateful for how she made us all so comfortable on our very special day.


~ Ryan and Pame Ten Kley




Lisa, I am so grateful for your skilled listening and your wisdom. If there are truly “old souls” you are absolutely one of them! Thank you for the graceful way you have shown me how to feel divine sparks and to trust my unique purpose in this lifetime.


~ Patricia Azaria





Thank you Lisa for being the best wedding officiant we could have dreamed of! With all the hectic pieces of putting together our wedding, you totally put our minds at ease knowing this part of the ceremony would be done perfectly. Thanks especially for finding a way to include my father by providing the beautiful verse for him to read. Love you!


~ Curtis and Becca Perry


I have known Lisa for many years. We have had countless dinners and conversations about life and where God, or Spirit, is working for us and through us. Lisa is authentic and sincere in her connection with the Divine. She has been instrumental in supporting me through the loss of my daughter, using her intuitive and Reiki abilities to heal the seemingly untouchable aspects of my grief. Words fall short in expressing the gratitude I feel.


Elaine Feldmann, LMT
Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner, Reiki Master




One of the most difficult things in my life was attending to my younger sister as she lay dying in a Hospice House. She was fitful, and I was alone with her, panicked and uncomfortable – until my gifted, lifelong friend Lisa walked through the door. In the exact moment Lisa came walking in, the energy in the room shifted. Her calm manner seemed to make everything okay. Lisa lovingly put her hands on my sister, and eventually placed her forehead on my sister’s. After several minutes like this, I saw what I can only describe as a bright light pouring forth from them. I was filled with awe, but also tranquility. I knew my sister was now finding her way home. She passed soon after, surrounded by love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Lisa.


~ Elizabeth Duffy Luini