“All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.”

Andre Breton


Compassionate, Confidential Spiritual Direction


My certainty is that God-Spirit-Universe – however you choose to define the sacred omnipresence – makes use of all of our experiences to help us grow in love and compassion. To bring us ever closer to our soul’s divine purpose. I am privileged to offer to join you on this journey.  As an experienced spiritual director, I can assist you in uncovering and accessing your deepest sacred self. I am available to gently help guide you to experience joyful, spiritual well-being every day.




What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual direction is a contemplative  practice of accompanying or joining  with a person or group as they awaken  to the spiritual in everyday life. It is a  slowly transformative process for  anyone desiring to align with his or  her divine purpose, opening the heart to find communion with the soul whisperer from within.


My Approach

I welcome those of all faiths. Or no particular faith at all. Traditional spiritual direction has a long history of journeying toward the divine based on the lives of spiritual giants like Buddha, Jesus, Moses and Muhammad. My personal spiritual orientation expands beyond these structures, combining quantum physics, a union of eastern and western religion, ancient wisdom and new age thought.


In our sessions of spiritual direction, I am 100% present just for you. I always meet you wherever you are spiritually – even if it is nowhere you can define.  In our time together, I will share as much or as little as you are comfortable with.  If you desire, we can pray, meditate, chat, read verse or text, share, listen, sing, dance, investigate, philosophize and otherwise explore a multitude of ways to open to your soul’s inner voice.


In addition to spending time together, I encourage clients to develop personal contemplative practices which can quiet the mind, activate the heart, and consciously guide you through the rigors of daily life from an alive and focused spiritual perspective.


Length of Sessions / Cost

Sessions are one hour in length. Cost is typically $75 an hour, but I am flexible with the needs and abilities of those I serve.

To best absorb and integrate any new practices or awakenings, I recommend sessions be separated by at least two weeks and that you consider commitment to a minimum of three separate sessions. This is not required of course, but greatest benefit comes from ongoing practice and sharing.


Geography is not a limitation. Sessions can be shared via phone or Skype with great success.