“All my life, my heart has yearned for a thing I cannot name.”

Andre Breton


Astrology Readings and Consultations


For me, Astrology is a dimension of Spirituality. It represents the purest connection between the heavens and consciousness – between the celestial cycles and energies of life and an individual’s direct experience of them. I view the sun, moon, and planets as an extraordinary Divine pattern at work, an arrangement of profound order and intelligence where we can see the blueprint for one’s soul. This is the reflection of our natal horoscope.


Astrology Sun Moon

Spiritual Astrology is less about measurement and prediction than it is giving dimensional meaning to life. I use Astrology as a tool and language to aid in the awareness and communication of what is most relevant to soul growth and how that manifests through the essential layers of personality. Understanding your unique natal signature allows you to be aware of your meaningful connectedness to the whole of the Universe.


When we lose our way or become trapped by any variety of psychological, emotional or spiritual prisons, real or perceived, Astrology can guide our consciousness back to who we really are. Divine essence. Explanation of your personal astrological chart can restore your confidence and trust in what’s happening at any given time.






Nothing brings me greater joy as a Spiritual Astrologer than helping you recognize your innate brilliance and the unique gifts and capacities that you may not have been aware of or may have momentarily forgotten. Planets, their archetypes, and their relationships to one another as they move through the sky, provide solid guidance for following your own path – for authentically living your best life.



Universe and Stars

When we follow the path of our soul’s intent, we honor our heart song. Our perspectives on life shift and deepen as we become aware of the cosmic energies at play. As new layers of our being are revealed, life presents us with fresh passion and vibrant, positive energy. We find that we can connect to a level of consciousness where the vibration is all about love – for our own highest well-being and for all those along with us on this big delicious journey.

What wild and wonderful fun it all is!


It is my honor and privilege to translate the Astrological language of your cosmic blueprint with you. Please contact me to secure an appointment.



Initial natal chart interpretations are between 75-90 minutes in length. Cost is $100.

Subsequent readings and ongoing astrological consultations are $75 an hour.

Compatibility readings for couples are $150


I accept payment via Venmo, Paypal or personal check.

Sessions are done via phone, Skype or in person.


I look forward to serving you.


Appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday 10:00am - 8:00pm EST. We will get back to you in 24-48 hours. Readings are often scheduled up to three weeks out.
Please share any personal notes, special concerns, or areas of focus you want in your reading.