“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers in life that you have set against it.”


Welcome to Heart Celebration!


I celebrate the light that shines brightly in you and the love that surrounds you.


I am an experienced wedding officiant, minister and life-cycle celebrant who designs or co-creates conscious, inspiring and personalized ceremonies to mark all cycles of life – whether you’re getting married, welcoming a child, planning a memorial/celebration of life, launching a new business or embarking on another adventure or transition.


My passion is to witness and share your story – to bring resonance and meaning to the powerful moments in your life. I am happy to bring any and all faith elements to your special ceremony or to officiate mindfully with no special faith orientation at all!   I am exceptionally skilled at paying attention to who you are and to honoring, with creativity and sensitivity, whatever life event is being celebrated – in whatever ways you wish to do so.


Heart Celebration is LGBT supportive and I am honored to officiate for any couple. The world opened joyfully when same-sex marriages were legally ratified. It is outside my everyday language to use the term “gay wedding” but for purposes of being clear here, please know how authentically I embrace everyone. Love is love is love.

Prayer beads


A Word About Death and the rituals and ceremonies of our most profound transition. 



I deeply understand that funerals and end of life celebrations are challenging for some individuals. Please know that these rites of passage are exceptionally meaningful to me as your officiant, and I find them every bit as heart opening as a wedding, birth or other milestone experience. I always find that end of life gatherings are especially graced with divine presence. Even when we are temporarily in a cloud of grief, peace and love are available. I humbly bring this certainty to every service that I facilitate and each individual I am privileged to eulogize.


My comfort with death and dying is due to many life influences (see My Journey page to know more) and I am grateful to the many Hospice organizations where I have been able to train, volunteer and become comfortable with transitioning; to the teachers, energy healers, guides and gifted intuitives who have enabled me to accept my own mystic gifts of healing and insight; to omnipresent guardian angels; and to a lifetime spent fine-tuning my authentically soulful voice to raise consciousness and awareness. To Share Love.


Join Me in Celebration!