“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find
all the barriers in life that you have set against it.”


I celebrate the LIGHT that shines brightly in you and the LOVE that surrounds you!


My passion and purpose in this life we share is to bring each of us closer to our own true nature. I believe that you and I and the plants and animals and the tortured sweet earth are all part of a sacred and mysterious network.

We are powerful, limitless and Magic. Deeply, sacredly connected.


We forget this all the time.

But we learn and grow.

As we do, we remember the deep connectedness we all have.


My work is to remind people of their Power, their Magic, their Unique Soul Journey, and their Delicious Sparkling Divinity. 

  • I do this by creating ceremonies and rituals in unique and meaningful ways to support our deepest connections.
  • I do this by listening and tuning in on levels to individuals and their energy in supportive sessions of intuitive counseling and holistic healing.
  • I do this by bringing pieces of life together for others translating their cosmic blueprint via the astrological language of the stars and planets.  

Prayer beads



While most rituals have obvious themes of joyful celebration, I truly understand that funerals and end of life gatherings are challenging for some individuals. Please know that these rites of passage are exceptionally meaningful to me and I find them every bit as heart opening as a wedding, birth or other milestone experience.


I find that end of life gatherings are especially graced with divine presence!

Even when we are temporarily in a cloud of grief, peace and comfort is available. I humbly bring this certainty to every service that I facilitate and each individual I am privileged to eulogize.


My comfort with death transitions and ethereal realms comes from endless personal evolutionary experiences, extensive training as a multi-dimensional counselor and healer, and life enjoyed as a permanent student of conscious awakening.

I am especially grateful …

To spiritual teachers, energy healers, guides and gifted intuitives who have enabled me to accept my own mystic gifts of healing and insight;

To the omnipresent guardian angels and guides who accompany us all on this journey;

To a lifetime of still fine-tuning my authentically soulful voice, and

To the inner courage I have slowly harnessed to express it.


Join Me in this Heart Celebration!